OSX El Capitan에 Monkeysphere를 설치하는 방법


Homebrew를 통해 Monkeysphere를 설치하려고 시도했지만 충족되지 않은 종속성에 대해 불평합니다.

monkeysphere: Unsatisfied dependency: Crypt::OpenSSL::Bignum
Homebrew does not provide Perl dependencies; install with:
   cpan -i Crypt::OpenSSL::Bignum
Error: An unsatisfied requirement failed this build.

그래서 위에서 언급 한 명령을 실행하려고 시도했지만 결국 오류가 발생했습니다.

Writing Makefile for Crypt::OpenSSL::Bignum
Writing MYMETA.yml and MYMETA.json
cp Bignum/CTX.pm blib/lib/Crypt/OpenSSL/Bignum/CTX.pm
cp Bignum.pm blib/lib/Crypt/OpenSSL/Bignum.pm
/usr/bin/perl /System/Library/Perl/5.18/ExtUtils/xsubpp  -typemap     /System/Library/Perl/5.18/ExtUtils/typemap -typemap typemap  Bignum.xs > Bignum.xsc && mv Bignum.xsc Bignum.c
Please specify prototyping behavior for Bignum.xs (see perlxs manual)
cc -c   -arch x86_64 -g -pipe -fno-common -DPERL_DARWIN -fno-strict-aliasing -fstack-protector -Os   -DVERSION=\"0.06\" -DXS_VERSION=\"0.06\"  "-I/System/Library/Perl/5.18/darwin-thread-multi-2level/CORE"  -DPERL5 -DOPENSSL_NO_KRB5 Bignum.c
Bignum.xs:5:10: fatal error: 'openssl/err.h' file not found
#include <openssl/err.h>
1 error generated.
make: *** [Bignum.o] Error 1
/usr/bin/make -- NOT OK
'YAML' not installed, will not store persistent state
Running make test
Can't test without successful make
Running make install
Make had returned bad status, install seems impossible

그리고 네, 개발자 도구가 설치되어 있습니다. $ which make /usr/bin/make



나는 이렇게 작동하게했다.

#configure perl
sudo perl -MCPAN -e shell
perl> o conf init
#update perl (this takes a while)
sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'install Bundle::CPAN'
#link openssl
brew link openssl --force
#installing this dependency that monkeysphere was originally complaining about
cpan -i Crypt::OpenSSL::Bignum
#installing monkeysphere
brew install monkeysphere
당사 사이트를 사용함과 동시에 당사의 쿠키 정책개인정보 보호정책을 읽고 이해하였음을 인정하는 것으로 간주합니다.
Licensed under cc by-sa 3.0 with attribution required.